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Anokhi Shah

Many people believe my name is Japanese. Well, my name definitely requires a double take, which
is fitting because it means unique in Hindi. My mother often reminds me, "when you first opened
your eyes, I was shocked to see that you had these huge green eyes, which definitely made me wonder
where did they come from?!" Since then, my mother always tells me that her life has been anything
but ordinary. I have long been known as the girl could never stop talking! As the years went on... well,
nothing has changed.

I have been on a crazy journey that has been full of inspiration. Who knew I would be inspired enough
by all of the loved ones in my life to start managing social media? I have always had a passion for
writing, blogging, or rather anything that brings more information to others. I have been raised by
wonderful parents who have taught me that anything combined with passion and a good work ethic can
bring you endless opportunities.

I have always dreamt of working with clients closely and not being imprisoned in a cube. Although life
had different plans for me at the beginning of my career; I have been able to get back to what I am
truly passionate about. I have always been a great communicator, and with time and experience, I have
learned that this is the niche I would be great at. Whether its communicating what my clients needs
are or dealing with my clients daily struggles-its always about what my clients need and ensuring that I
deliver just that.

Life has been full of surprises, but I believe that fate has left me in a position where I can scream "I LOVE
what I do!" I'm never going to let this opportunity go and hope I can meet other passionate people like
myself. Passion leaves people inspired. Inspiration leads to great things.